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HD Remasters: Good or Bad?

Bluepoint’s remaster of the Naughty Dog Uncharted series suffers from similar issues as well. It offers access to three of the best games from the Playstation 3 era, and for $50 provide 25-30 hours worth of fantastic gameplay. That’s a good deal for those of us that had already played these amazing titles, but it’s an absolute steal for new PS4 owners that missed out on the experience the first time. But like God of War III, they’re straight up conversions of the games, lacking any bonus material on the disc that would make the experience special or really set it apart from the previous releases. With Uncharted 4 only a couple of months away, this was a missed opportunity to celebrate one of Sony’s flagship franchises with some cool behind-the-scenes videos or art galleries. And the biggest offense of all is not including Uncharted: Golden Abyss, a game that was originally developed for the Playstation Vita and was the sole reason that I bought Sony’s last hand held. It’s a fantastic game and would’ve made a great addition to the collection, offering up another new experience for the huge portion of the Playstation community that never purchased a Vita. There are some really nice moments in the game that made good use of the handheld's touchscreen, and if the game had been included in the Nathan Drake Collection we might have seen the first real interesting use of the Dualshock 4’s touchpad, which like I wrote in an article last week is basically being treated like an extra oversized button by most developers. It's a great collection, but like many remakes it just lacking something special.